Medical ESI Ltd.


Medical ESI is committed to ensure that we are in partnership with authentic companies who fit into the category listed by the Chinese Government. We are able to provide samples of the Rapid Test Kits and certifications as quickly as possible. Read More

Medical Supplies to Help During Crisis

Medical ESI Ltd. is a newly formed subdivision of Estimating Services Inc., a registered minority owned business based in Canada. Medical ESI was established to properly respond to the world COVID-19 crisis and quickly react to the need for quality, certified medical supplies with a reliable supply chain system.

The directors of Medical ESI bring decades of proven experience in international procurement, government relations, supply chain and logistics management, licensing and compliance, risk management, sales channel management, finance and accounting. We have established world-class partnerships with procurement agents and factories in China and other countries to reliably produce and supply medical products.

We have extensively researched the manufacturing process of our partners and the certification standards of the products and have implemented a rigid QA/QC process for ensuring the highest quality products reach our clients. Our global logistic system allows us to import products to countries around the world with the import licenses, clearance and local delivery our customers expect.

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